In Holy Week each year, we welcome the pilgrims of the Ely Leg of Student Cross.

This is something we look forward to very much.

It is good to be able to offer hospitality to the pilgrims on their journey of faith with Jesus Christ and to share in some devotional worship with them – followed by some further sustenance at the ‘Crown’!

Student Cross

A week of fellowship and a lifetime of friendships

From the Student Cross Website…
Student Cross is a pilgrimage organised by and for students, young adults, and pilgrims of all ages, which has been running since 1948. Pilgrims experience Holy Week and the joy of the Resurrection as a living reality. It’s a chance to celebrate Easter in a unique way.

Ten different groups, known as Legs, walk from different parts of the country across Norfolk to Walsingham. Kind-hearted parishes provide food and accommodation along the way. Each Leg carries a large wooden cross as a witness to the people they pass.

The climax of the week is in Walsingham, a centre of pilgrimage for many centuries. This is where all the Legs meet up to celebrate the Easter liturgies together over the Easter weekend, including a vibrant Paschal Party after the Easter vigil on Saturday evening.

Ely Leg

Ely Leg has a shorter route than most of the other legs, making it ideal for those unable to walk for the whole week.

Ely Leg meets in Ely on the evening of the Tuesday before Easter, and walks for three days, before meeting the other groups in Walsingham. Ely Leg’s route runs from Ely, through Downham Market and Harpley to Walsingham, a total distance of about 62 miles (compared with 120-130 for most Legs). This route follows an ancient pilgrim way, and along the way we are greeted (and fed) by many friendly locals.

Ely Leg was first walked in 1996, and is primarily designed to meet the needs of those who are working, or for any other reason are unable to take the time to walk for a full week. Ely Leg has the widest age range of walkers attracting pilgrims ranging from former Peg Leg walkers to the more mature (i.e. retired). At present the youngest age to qualify is 12 years old, but all under-18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
If you would like to share the fun and friendship, community and celebration of Student Cross, but are unable to spare a whole week, why not join us?