The Revd Arthur Simon Latter 1882 – 1890

The Revd Edward Douglas Lennox Harvey 1890 – 1894

The Revd William Beaufroy Stillman 1894 – 1902

The Revd Thomas Jervis-Edwards 1902 – 1908

Fr. Edward Pountney Gough 1908 – 1913

The Revd John Wynyard Capron 1914 – 1917

The Revd Arnold Haskins Wells 1917 – 1924

The Revd Wilfrid Bertram Salisbury Dorman 1924 – 1957

The Revd Walter Leslie Jonathan Dunkin 1958 – 1961

The Revd Raymond Sidney Richard Patston 1961-1971

The Revd Brian Hamilton Cooper 1972 – 1982

Fr. Peter Frank Keeling SSC 1983 – 2000 (with the Rt Revd John Richards, the first Bishop of Ebbesfleet)

Fr. James William Mather SSC 2001-


Although the parish is older, the list of Rectors and Patrons begins in 1202

          William, circa 1202
1304 Matthew de Tillebrokepresented by the Abbot & Convent of Ramsey
1311 Henry de Denefordby ditto
1312 Roger de Nassyngtonby ditto
1316 Richard de Weresleyby ditto
?       Edward Lascyby ditto
1357 Jeffrey Lisseby ditto, on an exchange for Sutton Vicarage in the Isle of Ely
1368 William Brownby ditto, on an exchange with Lisse for Melbourne in Cambridgeshire
1404 Thomas Ledladyby ditto
1412 Robert Flode de Aylshamby ditto, on an exchange with Ledlady for Lynn, All Saints
1412 Robert Brown de Tylneyby ditto
1412 Robert Trussbuton Brown’s resignation, by ditto
1420 Richard Herefordby ditto
1425 Henry Martynby ditto, on an exchange with Wigenhale St Mary Magdalene
1432 Godfrey Martyn LLBon Henry Martyn’s resignation, by ditto
1436 Thomas Champneysby ditto
1438 John Batcombon Champney’s deathby ditto
This John Batcombe was one of the Clerks of the King’s Chapel, and the Abbot and Convent of
Ramsey paid him 100s per annum at the King’s request: on this presentation that pension ceased.

1449 Thomas Geystby ditto
1449 Richard Howardby ditto
1449 Richard Vigerouson Howard’s death, by ditto
?       Thomas Goringa Benedictine monk of Ramsey, by ditto, circa 1455
?       Thomas Honyterby ditto
1508 James Jacksonon Honyter’s death, by ditto
1514 Eliseus Jacksonby ditto
1517 John Emotteson Jackson’s death, by ditto
1521 John Rogerson Emottes’ resignation, by ditto
1521 John Horewodeon Rogers’ death, by ditto

In 1539 Ramsey Abbey was dissolved by King Henry VIII

1540 Hugh Hallon Horewode’s death, by Thomas Gawsell, on a grant from the Abbot of Ramsey
1541 Baldwinus Derehamon the death of Hall, presented by the King, Henry VIII
1554 Thomas Fretwell(Dereham being deposed by Queen Mary) presented by Robert Miller, gent.,
to whom King Henry VIII granted the patronage in his 36th year (1545)
1558 Hugh Tayloron Fretwell’s resignation, by Robert Miller, gent., who died the same year
1558 John Stokes LLBburied 15th October 1587
Presbyter conjugatis doctus, residet hospitalis non praedicat, nec licentiatus, nullum illiud.
1587 John Butler BApresented by Francis Gawdy, serjeant-at-law.
Robert Miller conveyed the patronage to John Walpole, and William Walpole, in the 16th year of
Elizabeth I (1563), conveyed it to Gawdy.  Butler was buried 18th February 1640.  In 1603 there
were 200 communicants, as appears in his answer to the King.
1640 John Gilbert MAon Butler’s death, by John Dusgate, of Cockley Cley, gent.
1656 William Thetfordby Sir Ralph Hare, Bart.
1688 John Butler MAby Sir Thomas Hare, Bart.  d. 2 February 1732, Rector of West Winch
1733 Richard Eatonby Sir Thomas Hare, Bart.
1779 Henry Spelmanby Elizabeth Moore
1804 Gilbert Parke*, by Thomas Berners Plestow, Esqre. and John Creasey, gent.
1810 John Richard Thackrayby Marianne Franks, spinster
1847 Charles Boutell, junrby William Franks, Esq.
1850 Edward Robert Franksby William Franks, Esq.
1882 Arthur Simon Latterby the Revd. E.R. Franks
1890 Edward Douglas Lennox Harveyby the Revd. E.R. Franks
1894 William Beaufroy Stillmanby the Revd. E.R. Franks
1902 Thomas Jarvis-Edwardsby Florence Rachel Franks
1908 Edward Pountney Gough MAby the Revd. Herbert Edward Jones

In 1914 the Parish was transferred from the Diocese of Norwich to Ely

1914 John Wynard Capronby the Revd. Herbert Edward Jones
1917 Arnold Haskins Wellsby Mrs. H.E Jones
1924 Wilfrid Bertram Salisbury Dormanby the Bishop of Ely, resigned 1957
1958 Walter Leslie Jonathan Dunkinby the Bishop of Ely
1961 Raymond Sidney Richard Patstonby the Bishop of Ely
1971 Brian Hamilton Cooper, by the Bishop of Ely
1982 Peter Frank Keeling SSCby the Bishop of Ely, resigned 2000
2001 James William Mather SSCby the Bishop of Ely

* Footnote: The Revd Gilbert Parke, Rector 1804-10, is sometimes wrongly written Parker, presumably based on the spelling in J.D. Wortley’s history of St Edmunds’s. However, Parke (no r) is correct, being confirmed by the records of Wadham College, Oxford, the 1806 Poll Book, contemporary press reports, and the entries for marriages at which he officiated. The Revd Gilbert Parke was Chaplain to HM George lV, first as Prince of Wales and then as King.  (Thanks to Mr D Flower for this information.)